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Generate a Nutritional Plan in a snap.



Atuvera's nutrition engine automatically and instantly generates a personalized meal plan tailored to the user's profile and multiple health conditions.

They may cook or order tailored food.

Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition

Implement Food is Medicine in your practice

Patients evolve better when a personalized nutritional plan accompanies medical treatment.

Atuvera Meal plans are designed for people with one or multiple health conditions.

Eliminate the barriers that prevent patients from following nutritional recommendations.

The easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to create meal plans.

Providing  one-fits-all- recommendations focused on the disease is obsolete

For Doctors Generating a Personalized Nutritional Plan is Difficult

To provide fully personalized nutritional recommendations, doctors require resources, time, and expertise or refer the patient to a nutritionist.

  • Researching food restriction per each health condition

  • Including allergies, intolerances, and patient's preferences

  • Calculating the calorie intake requirements

Following-up is complicated

The patient needs to create a meal plan by searching for suitable recipes and putting all of them together

More than 50% of patients don't follow their nutritional recommendations, putting them at risk for serious health complications and death.

For Patients, Following Nutritional 
Recommendations is Challenging 
  • Deciding what foods to eat can be complicated and confusing, with recommendations focused on the disease rather than the patient's needs, preferences, and multiple health conditions involved.

  • Avoiding certain ingredients by analyzing labels and recipes and putting all of them together can take time and effort.

  • Cooking with dietary restrictions is challenging if you are short of time or cooking for multiple people.

  • It is hard to find prepared dishes that contain the food suitable for you.

  • Deciding what foods to eat can be complicated and confusing without recommendations adapted to your needs and preferences, especially if you have multiple health conditions.

For  Doctor

Atuvera Benefits

For  Doctors

Provide a powerful application that automatically and instantly generates what the patients need: a personalized meal plan.
The meal plan is focused on what they can eat and is tailored to their profile, multiple health conditions, preferences, and intolerances.


Monitor the progress of your patients in real-time from a central control panel.

For Patients

No more guessing about what to eat every day 

No more planning

Decide if you want to cook or get your food at your door prepared by local food providers.

  • Log how they feel. 

  • Track their progress

  • Get support from their family and friends.

Facilitate Adequate Nutrition in

your Patients

Provide the best tool to get personalized nutrition 

Go beyond education in nutrition

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Make a difference today

A method to facilitate adherence to the program

Personalized meal plans are ready instantaneously. 

Delicious recipes easy to cook

Options to buy personalized ready-to-eat meals

Dashboards to track food, energy level, mood, and health

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Designed thinking on the person not only the disease

Include Atuvera in your Wellness Benefits

Access to dashboards with real-time data

Follow the patients behavior

Get Control

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