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Sandra Piedad Cardona, MD

A journey of hope

I am a medical doctor and surgeon, and for 19 years, I have also been a patient. That experience has changed my life. I have dealt with pain, joint inflammation, muscular contractures, and edema.

The usual treatments I received were medications, but they failed to restore me to good health.


When I was told by a physician that I would not die from my illness and that no other treatment options were available, my life changed dramatically. That day, I decided to seek out a solution to my health problems on my own. I suspected that my joint pain wasn't caused by a rheumatological disease alone but also by a metabolic one.


As a medical student, I received extensive training in nutrition, which led me to investigate the relationship between diet and several chronic conditions. From my research, experimentation, and experience, I learned that proper nutrition was essential for my improvement.


After several changes in my dietary and nutritional habits, today, I am free from medications and the pain and inflammation they once caused. I decided to share what I had learned about inflammatory conditions and many chronic conditions that may be preventable with proper nutrition.

For many years, I struggled with constant pain due to severe inflammation. It was tough to deal with physical limitations and the endless frustration that came with them. It's easy to feel sad and even depressed when your illness defines your life.

It's hard for others to understand the extent of our pain and suffering, especially when they're healthy. As a doctor, I always had faith in the healthcare system to find an answer, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. 

That's when I decided to take action, and I created Atuvera. This company was made to give hope for a long life filled with well-being and independence.

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