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Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition

Steady Income, Happy Customers

Partner with Atuvera to build stronger communities through adequate and healthy nutrition.

Atuvera's technology instantly generates personalized meal plans that help our users feel healthier, energized, confident, and pain-free.

Unlocking the Power of Food for a Longer and Better Life
  • Deciding what foods to eat can be complicated and confusing without recommendations adapted to their needs and preferences, especially if they have multiple health conditions.

  • Avoiding certain ingredients by analyzing labels and recipes and putting all of them together can take time and effort.

  • Cooking with dietary restrictions is challenging if they don't like to cook, are short of time, or cook for multiple people.

  • It is hard to find dishes that are suitable for them.

  • Breaking habits and overcoming obstacles to eat what is right for them is difficult without support from family and friends.

The Challenges Our Users Have 

Atuvera Offers Personalized & Adequate nutrition

Atuvera's Solution

No more guessing about what to eat every day.They eat exactly what they need according to their personal characteristics and health conditions.


No more planning. Atuvera is a powerful technology that instantly generates a personalized meal plan designed by doctors and nutritionists.

Users may decide whether to cook or have their food prepared and delivered by local food providers.

Users won't be alone anymore.
The Atuvera team, along with their family and friends, are by their side on the path to better well-being.

Be part of a Big Purpose

More than 60% of people with chronic diseases don't follow nutritional recommendations, putting them at risk for serious health complications and death.

Atuvera Solution helps people to follow dietary guidance easily and conveniently.

By partnering with Atuvera, you will contribute to a solution promoting better health and longevity through proper nutrition.

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