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Transforming Lives with Personalized food

Atuvera's technology generates meal plans that help you eat what your body needs to improve your health, live pain-free, and be full of energy.

Start your journey towards a better health today.

Do you struggle to think about what to eat every day?

Follow a meal plan
without planning any meals

Take it Personal

Pain, inflammation, fatigue, tiredness, and low energy.
Glycemia, triglycerides, cholesterol, and many other blood levels.
The leading causes of death, such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, can often be prevented with adequate nutrition. 

Go forward, you can do it too.

People with health conditions evolve better when a personalized meal plan accompanies the medical treatment

  • Sign up 

  • Complete your Profile in 3 minutes

  • Get your meal plan for 30 days in a snap.

Get Your Personalized Meal Plan in a Snap!

You are just three steps away from beginning your journey.

Enjoy your Journey

You will have everything you need 

Your road map: a daily or weekly view of your plan exclusively designed for you.
The recipes: to cook delicios meals with the possibility to swap for other favorites.
The grocery list: to shop for what you need.
Your journal: to record the foods you like the most and how you feel during the day.
Your dashboard to visualize your journey and analyze your progress.
The possibility to buy ready-to-eat meals:  a network of food providers will help you get what you need to eat.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Atuvera is here to accompany you along the way.

Subscribe to Atuvera

Each subscription includes an automatic monthly meal plan, weekly views, a journal, a journey dashboard, Atuvera's adherence methodology, and your private supporting community.


Food is not included. Once in the app, you have access to buy your Personalized Ready-To-Eat Meals

Monthly subscription



Every month

Standard price

Valid until canceled

3 Month Subscription



Every 3 months

Save $29.99

Valid until canceled

Best Value

12 Month Subscription



Every year

Save $240.00

Valid until canceled

It is important to note that these suggestions are not intended to replace direct medical advice. Please consult with a doctor before beginning any meal plan and confirm your health conditions.

Can Atuvera 
Help You?

Atuvera is here to help you if

  1. If you have one or multiple health conditions or intolerances and want adequate food as one of the tools to be healthier and feel better.

  2. If you want to prevent chronic diseases and live a long, independent, and pain-free life.


Note: If you are pregnant, Atuvera is not the best option to obtain a personalized meal plan. However, we are working to provide one in the future.

Most people eat multiple times a day, but the question is whether they consume the foods they need or eat what they want.

Adequate nutrition means to eat what your body needs to function properly.


Everyone's needs vary based on factors such as age, physical activity, health status, dietary restrictions, and many others, but most people cook without paying attention to those details, leading to inadequate nutrition. 

Atuvera was created to facilitate access to adequate food for individuals with chronic diseases or wanting to prevent them.

Adequate Nutrition

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