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Are you ready to start your journey?
Atuvera's team is here to accompany you along the way.

Follow a nutritional plan
without planning any meals

Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition

Start your journey to a better you today!

Atuvera technology instantly generates a personalized meal plan that helps you feel healthier, at ease, energized, and pain-free.

What to eat is a decision everybody needs to make every day but eating what you need to meet your nutritional needs according to your health status and all individual characteristics is challenging.

Solving those difficulties can help you follow a nutritional plan that supports better health, decreases symptoms, and increases longevity.

Atuvera's suggestions are not intended to replace direct medical advice. Please consult with a doctor before beginning any meal plan..

Do you have health issues and struggle thinking about what to eat every day?

  • Deciding what foods to eat can be complicated and confusing without recommendations adapted to your needs and preferences, especially if you have multiple health conditions.

  • Avoiding certain ingredients by analyzing labels and recipes and putting all of them together can take time and effort.

  • Cooking with dietary restrictions is challenging if you don't like to cook, are short of time, or cook for multiple people.

  • It is hard to find prepared dishes suitable for you.

  • Breaking habits and overcoming obstacles to eat what is right for you is difficult without support from family and friends.

Following Personalized Nutrition
Atuvera's Solution

No more guessing about what to eat every day. You will eat exactly what you need according to your personal characteristics and health conditions.
No more planning. Atuvera is a powerful technology that instantly generates a personalized meal plan designed by doctors and nutritionists.

You may decide whether to cook or have your food prepared and delivered by local food providers.

You won't be alone anymore. The Atuvera team, along with your family and friends, will be by your side as you journey towards better well-being.

You will have everything you need to make it easy.

Your road map: A daily or weekly view of your plan exclusively designed for you.

The recipes for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks with the possibility to swap for other favorites.

The grocery list to shop for what you need.

Your journal to record the foods you like the most and how you feel during the day.

Your dashboard to visualize your journey and analyze your progress.

Get your meals ready to eat. During your journey, you may buy your food prepared by local chefs or food providers.

Enjoy your Journey
We know firsthand the challenges that come with food restrictions and the struggle of sticking to a plan.

At Atuvera we are constantly inspired by real people like you and our founder, who have transformed her life through personalized nutrition.

People with health conditions evolve better when a personalized nutritional plan accompanies medical treatment.

Go forward, you can do it too

Take it Personal

Live Free From

Pain - inflammation - Fatigue -

Tiredness - Low energy

Regulate Your

Glycemia- Triglycerides- Cholesterol-

and many other blood levels

Atuvera is the path that leads you
towards a longer and better life

Atuvera's suggestions are not intended to replace direct medical advice. Please consult with a doctor before beginning any meal plan.

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  • Access your meal plan for 30 days

Get Your Personalized Meal Plan in a Snap!

You are just three steps away from beginning your journey.






Type 2 Diabetes


Gastroesophageal Acid Reflux

High Triglycerides

Heart Disease

High Cholesterol


Celiac Disease

Irritable Bowel 




Gluten Free






If you have one or more health conditions,
food preferences and intolerances,
Atuvera is your best choice.

Atuvera's suggestions are not intended to replace direct medical advice.

Please consult with your health provider before beginning any meal plan and confirm your health condition.

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