Innovation driven by people

Our network of independent experts partner with business leaders in their digital transformation journey 

Solutions Managers are industry experts that partner with business leaders to find and implement innovative technology solutions for their business. 

Customer Success Managers are passionate about the technology solutions you are implementing. They are teachers at heart with a simple goal. Make sure that you get the most out of your technology investments. 

As your business adopts a new solution, you can develop projects with our network of professional services managers. From website design, CRM customization, or advanced consulting, the services team will help you materialize your vision. 


We believe that innovation starts with people, not technology. The problems of today are solved by embracing a growth mindset that enables your business to adapt and change.


Atuvera is a coalition of independent professionals from different industries that partner with businesses to solve the problems of today using technology.

"We challenge the status quo to help your business innovate and adapt" 

Frank Cabrera - CEO



We believe that our access and shared experience in the Silicon Valley can benefit the world. At heart we are a family. We started in the kitchen counter and work to make a difference using technology to help small  businesses innovate and fulfill their mission. 

Dr. Cardona


Challenge the Status Quo

You are embracing change. But looking for a new business solution can be hard.


Our network of experts partners with business leaders to solve the problems of today using technology.


They embrace honest collaboration from solution selection to implementation and ongoing customer success.

But Frank, business is good. 

I don't need to change. 


Do you remember going to a Blockbuster?  Once the leader in movie rentals, Blockbuster is now an example of a business catastrophe. Their demise didn't happen because of sneaky late fees but because their culture did not adapt quickly enough to meet the needs of their customers. 

It is hard to challenge the status quo, but without doing it, you will stop growing and fail to adapt. 

Our Values

Our own journey of transformation is guided by these values. They represent the foundation for our commitment to our clients and team members. 

Passion for the journey

In service to others

Embrace a

growth mindset

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