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Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition
We are Atuvera, the people at your side.

A dedicated team working for humanity to live longer and better.

In a world where people seek longevity and fulfillment, a reality where these two desires can coexist is possible. However, for many individuals, the journey of life is not a smooth one. At times, they may encounter illnesses that pose significant challenges and make it difficult to carry on. One of the most debilitating symptoms that they may experience is pain, which can be excruciating and unbearable.


Fortunately, advancements in medical science have led to the development of more effective treatments. Nevertheless, there are still many individuals who are unable to find relief for their ailments.


At Atuvera, we draw inspiration from the countless individuals who have found solace in food as a means of alleviating their symptoms and, in some cases, even finding a cure for their illnesses.


We believe that food and medicine are inextricably linked and that proper nutrition is essential to the treatment of many common diseases. That is why we founded Atuvera, a platform that will provide millions of people with instant access to the nutrition they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Sandra Piedad Cardona, MD

Founder & CEO

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Frank Cabrera

Co-Founder & CRO

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