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Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition

Generate a Nutritional Plan in a snap.

Atuvera's nutrition engine instantly generates a personalized meal plan tailored to the user's profile and multiple health conditions.

Unlocking the Power of Food for a Longer and Better Life

Go beyond nutritional recommendations.

Patients tend to have better outcomes when a personalized meal plan accompanies their medical treatment.


Improve the management of chronic diseases.

Reduce pain, inflammation, and fatigue.

Control glycemia, triglycerides, cholesterol, and many more blood levels.

Enter in the new era

Implement Food is Medicine in your practice.

Provide patients with a powerful application that instantly generates a personalized meal plan tailored according to their profile, multiple health conditions, preferences, and intolerances. 

They can focus on what they can eat and you can monitor their progress  and follow up on their behavior with real-time reports.

Make the difference today

Surpass education in nutrition and standardized recommendations.

Break Patient's Barriers

Our research found that over 50% of patients with dietary restrictions do not adhere to their nutritional recommendations.

Atuvera has been designed to eliminate the obstacles that prevent patients from following their nutritional guidelines related to their challenges.

Facilitate Adequate Nutrition to your Patients

  • No more

    • Standardized recommendations 

    • Thinking and guessing about what to eat every day.

    • Label analysis.

    • Searching for recipes.

    • Planning meals.

    • Feeling alone.

  • They get what they need.

    • 30-day tailored meal plan with delicious and easy-to-cook recipes.

    • Decide if they want to cook or get Ready-to-eat food. 

    • Log how they feel.

    • Track their progress.

    • Get support from their family and friends.

    • Be accompanied to break their eating habits.

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