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Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition

How do I get started?

First, you will complete your profile, including information about your physical characteristics, health conditions, and food allergies and preferences. Atuvera will use your answers to calculate your nutritional requirements.

What is the price of a meal plan?

Atuvera offers two types of subscriptions.

1. Subscription to the Atuvera personalized Meal Plan Generator and complimentary services.

Billed monthly (standard price),  quarterly (25% Off), and annually (40% Off)

2. Subscription to Atuvera Ready-to-Eat Meals delivered to your home.

This package is billed monthly. 

Check the prices in the pricing page

How long does my meal plan last?

Atuvera meal plans are generated automatically for 30 days.

You may view the meal plan for a day, for a week, for a month or for a period of time in between.

What happens if I already follow a standard nutritional plan?

Tell your doctor that you are going to start a personalized nutrition plan. The diet you currently follow may be modified. These modifications will balance nutrient intake and adapt them to your nutritional needs according to your physical characteristics, health conditions, and preferences.

Can I get a family meal plan?

Since Atuvera offers personalized meal plans, no family plans are available. If more family members have dietary restrictions, they need their own plan. 

You may use your recipes as a base for cooking for other family members as long as they have no dietary restrictions.

How does Atuvera share and protect this medical information?

Atuvera uses administrative, technical, and physical safeguards (like encryption) to protect your medical information under federal and state law, including HIPAA.

We don’t share medical information identifying you with other users or the public. That information is shared only with your health providers and parties who help us provide the site to you. 

Our partners must use safeguards to protect your medical information. 

Check out our privacy policy for more details about how we use and share your information

Can I make a meal plan for only 15 days?

Atuvera generates a monthly meal plan.  Nutritionists suggest following for minimum 3 months to see changes in labs and symptoms and long-term solutions are required for chronic conditions. 

How can I change my meal plan?

You can modify your Meal Plan by swapping the recipes for each meal. You can make these changes to as many meals as you want. The changes will change what you eat. The new recipes will continue to meet your requirements.

Suppose your nutritional requirements change due to a change in your health conditions or food preferences. In that case, you must input the changes in your profile, and Atuvera will automatically generate a new personalized Meal Plan.

How many times can I modify my meal plan?

You may modify your meal plan as many times you want or is necessary.

If you cook at home, your personalized Meal Plan will be ready to follow. Notice that your grocery list may change.

Take into account that if enrolled in a Ready-to-Eat Meals subscription, you require to make changes according to your preestablished schedule.

What if I want to cancel my Atuvera subscription?

Atuvera offers several subscription types.

You are under no contract or obligation and may cancel your subscriptions at any time without penalty except for those prepaid promotions.

You can pause, restart, or cancel the service by sending a written request to

Please note that the subscriptions are independent; however, a personalized Meal Plan Generator and complimentary services subscription is required for the Ready-to-Eat Meals Subscription and other paid subscriptions.

When will Atuvera be available in my area?

The Atuvera meal plan generator is available instantly, but if you want to order customized Ready-to-Eat meals, you need to keep checking for availability and contact us. We are continuously expanding our coverage to new cities and regions. While we cannot provide an exact date, we will notify you as soon as our service becomes available in your area.


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