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Your Website
"Your Vision, Realized"

You have a unique story to tell; it's time to show the world.

Forget the old adage “a picture tells a thousand words”, a strong website tells many more. The ultimate place to interact with your clients and shed light on your business, it’s crucial to get it right.

If you aren’t filled with light-bulb moments, let Atuvera take the lead, by creating your show-stopping website.

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Your eCommerce
"Your Worldwide Store"

Your online store is more than just a website where your products are snapped up. It should be a streamlined process with efficiency and profitability at its core.

What makes a website successful?

¨A successful website is not a page visited by thousands of people, but a page that converts a high percentage of those visitors into customers¨

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A compelling story to tell.

Your content should be exciting and authentic, which showcases your brand identity and captivates your audience's attention. 

It must contain carefully-selected keywords, highly related to the products or services you offer.

This combination of features will help rank your website highly within search engines, a marketing technique known as search engine optimisation, which helps boost organic traffic from web browsers interested in your products or services.

Alongside purposeful website content, it is essential to generate meaningful content, to deliver regular communication with your clients through blogs, forums, email marketing, or SMS, depending on the most suitable method for your clientele.

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A style to reflect.

With the advantage of pre-set layouts, or templates, the design process is simplified, so you can select one that fits your style and brand identity.

For a cohesive, distinctive style, use the colours and fonts that represent your corporate image.

Your brand identity must be replicated on your page, created with a reflection on your clients.



Get found.

Ranking on page 1 of a search engine, without dishing out on advertisements, takes time, effort and expertise. The key is creating a platform with optimized images and relevant content, so that your page is linked to commonly searched ‘keywords’, therefore picked up by search engines. This process ultimately helps your site grow organically.

Create a Interactive and Transactional Web Page

Create a website with multiple functionalities to help your clients interact with you. Your reward? A highly profitable platform and  loyal clientele.


Integrate your business pages through the use of interactive forms.


Create a highly-functional payment gateway, to support your customers' online payments, as well as sending invoices and managing subscriptions automatically.


If you offer services, your website can serve as an assistant, allowing your clients to schedule an appointment and receive automated reminders.


Personalise your business, by interacting with your users via chat, messenger, or posts. Incorporate quizzes and stories for high engagement.

Customer Management

Customer relationship management (CRM)


Contact List

Form Submissions



Content management




Sell ​online

Electronic commerce


Event tickets

Complete Marketing Stack

Acquisition of potential customers

Tracking potential customers

Live chat

Massive mail

Link business functions

Customer service

Expand your website with hundreds of applications

Integrate your website with tools and applications that help you optimise your marketing efforts.

We help small businesses get online, thrive, and build a loyal customer base through stellar engagement.

Having a web page or an eCommerce platform is no quick-fix; it requires around-the-clock work and upkeep, to ensure your customers are engaged, and your search engine ranking remains strong.


  • Your Solutions Manager will expertly analyse and generate your business strategy. From conception to completion, as well as maintenance, your web page or eCommerce site will benefit from our specialist help.

  • Our experienced digital marketing specialists will establish and optimize your online presence, to create a brand identity to remember.

  • The Customer Success Manager will accompany you during your online growth process and digital journey.

100% optimized projects


Atuvera guides you to create a renowned, industry-leading and profitable website or eCommerce platform, with a customized strategy. A bespoke solution to meet your individual vision.

The Business of Atuvera women empowered.









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Taking on your digital transformation journey solo


Implementing your digital solutions with the specialist guidance of Atuvera

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Some of Our Clients

Patricia Ramirez Events

A dreamer at heart, Patricia introduces fantasy elements to each of the wedding plans, elevated with the beauty of Cartagena. Over the past decade, she has delivered unique experiences for couples from across the globe, who dream of a magical wedding.

1v1  Training

Soccer Clinics

As an integral part of his life, Yvan has spent the last 10 years coaching soccer competitively. From New York City to Northern California, he has coached boys and girls teams from U8-U19. He is passionate about developing his athletes to become "complete players".

Buy Permanent Makeup

e.Commerce Platform

Professionals dedicated to bringing the best quality of training, services, and permanent makeup products for Softap professionals, distributors, and customers  across the United States and beyound.

As a permanent makeup supplier, Softap® delivers premium hypoallergenic pigments, and 100% disposable hand tools. A must-have in any permanent makeup kit!

Cosmoderm Store

e Commerce Platform

Distributing a complete line of elite products, developed with the latest technology for skincare, Cosmoderm is at the forefront of the beauty industry. Lauded for their high-end reputation, their lines generate prestige recognition, and notoriety among their clients.

As a world-leader in professional skincare, Pevonia® was the first company to develop a spa skincare line, exclusively for elite spas and professional aestheticians. 

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