Your Nutrition Journey

Everybody has different nutritional requirements based in their gender, age, physical activity, biometrics, health conditions .



Taking on your venture alone, without the expertise of those in the know, comes with its own challenges, including dedicating a significant portion of your time to researching, learning, implementing your newfound knowledge, and training your team to achieve the high standards and proper use of the technology you require.


Reaping the rewards of having a helping hand during your digital transformation journey, you and your team will have an array of specialist guides at your disposal, to help you avoid common start-up mistakes. Our tried-and-tested process is carried out with Atuvera standards and methodology.





What do you need to eat

You analyse which technology is ideal for your business by yourself. After comparing the options, you select the one that you think may be the best. This process takes time and creates uncertainty because you do not know if its functionality is adequate.

By doing a digital diagnosis, the Solutions Manager analyses your needs, and establishes which would be the most appropriate technology options for your business.

What to eat

In most cases, the technology is ready to use; however, if your business needs a custom application, you should hire a developer who can customize it. It is a complex process if you are not familiar with software development.

Atuvera has a network of expert developers who can customize applications to your specific needs. The solutions manager will be at the forefront of the process to ensure that projects are executed to your exact specifications.

What to cook

You install, set up, and organize the information in the system following the supplier's instructions. These activities take time, study, and patience and take you away from your daily activities.

The Atuvera team introduces the installation, creates logins, outlines the parameters, organizes the structure of the system according to their needs, and serves as a guide in the organisation of the information, guaranteeing the correct operation of the system and the specific processes of the company. The implementation stage is pivotal to your overall success.

What to order

You train yourself at your own pace, using videos and tutorials that are general, and often inapplicable to your industry. You learn by trial and error in some cases, so the learning process takes more time than necessary.

By using Atuvera's training methodology, both the software administrator and users receive technical and functional training, based on your organisation's specific needs.

This methodology allows your staff to start using the software effectively and efficiently, which generates a better adoption and usability of the tools.

Doing it Alone

Where to eat

 If you and your team don't receive adequate training, the adoption of technology is erratic. This situation leads to a low percentage of usage, thus a high abandonment rate, and losing the effort and resources invested in the project.

Your customer success manager monitors your team's learning, allowing for a high rate of the software's usage, making the technology implemented more efficiently, and ultimately generating an optimal return on investment.