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IoT Solutions
in Health Care

"The greatest wealth is health."

As stated by multiple sources

Healthcare is one of society's most valuable services. Yet, hospitals and healthcare centers around the globe suffer from aging equipment, and infrastructure and often lack the resources to keep up with innovation. Thanks to the Internet of Things, healthcare can now become a whole lot smarter.

ERP and supply chain management (SCM) have been connected resulting in proven optimizations. IoT will act as a catalyst in these optimizations by intelligently connecting people, processes, data, and things via devices and sensors.


From panic buttons to wheelchair tracking and cold storage monitoring of medication; let's turn hospitals into living data-producing assets.

Predictive maintenance of the infrastructure,
process optimization for cost reduction


Our applications are used for inventory of the total machine park of your factory workshops. Our modules can be altered to hold all relevant information (metadata) of every type of industrial equipment and the ruling system is adapted to any condition that you want to monitor.


With this application, you can remotely monitor (ON/OFF status, alarms, …) and control (ON/OFF switching) industrial equipment such as pumps, fans, valves, heaters, coolers, motors, generators, lights, doors…


But there is more. We also offer the ability to monitor the conditions and surroundings of the equipment. Temperature and humidity in the workshop, energy usage, light intensity, ... are all side factors that can have an impact on the working conditions of your equipment and even human resources.

With our software you bring all of this info together and can start operating with collective insights.

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch



Asset Tracking

Nurse call buttons

Panic buttons

Connected inhalers
Inventory management
Cold storage monitoring
Hand hygiene monitoring


 On your Facility
Our system collects, processes, and manages the needed data for every use case it facilitates.
  • Predictive maintenance of the infrastructure, process optimization for cost reduction
  • Monitoring, controlling, and optimizing the production process.
  • Monitoring and maintaining actually produced goods.
  • Monitor the conditions and surroundings of the equipment, temperature and humidity in the workshop, energy usage, light intensity,


Organize and Track your staff 
Organize and Track your staff through IoT. As a part of the digital transformation "hype", your team needs to be connected as well.
  • Plan and register their actions.
  • People tracking and geolocation
  • Access control
  • Tasks & worksheets
  • Workforce Planning


Optimize your process, feed your SCM, visualize your flows, and act before problems occur.
With sensors that can be retrofitted to your current machine park, you will know where they are, what they are doing (On/Off), and what conditions they are in (environment).
  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse management
  • Ambulance management.
Tracking & Sensing


A typical, medium-sized hospital is likely to have tens of thousands of pieces of equipment. Any moveable item can be ‘mapped’ in our database, from defibrillators in an accident and emergency wards to chairs in patient waiting areas.

Track ventilators, ECG machines, and beds



All data can be collected and relayed back to the internal systems by using a wide range of M2M connections (LoRaWAN / NBIoT / Sigfox / GPRS-3G-4G / Wifi) and technologies such as BT / BLE / NFC / RFID / LoRa.

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