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Your Nutrition Journey

Everybody has different nutritional requirements based in their  age, sex, physical activity, biometrics, and health conditions.
Knowing what to eat is a challenge. Don't do it alone.




Taking on your venture alone, without the expertise of those in the know, comes with its own challenges, including dedicating a significant portion of your time to researching, learning, implementing your newfound knowledge, and training your team to achieve the high standards and proper use of the technology you require.

Reaping the rewards of having a helping hand during your digital transformation journey, you and your team will have an array of specialist guides at your disposal, to help you avoid common start-up mistakes. Our tried-and-tested process is carried out with Atuvera standards and methodology.





What do you need to eat

What are your recommendations

You have several options. 
1. Your doctor or nutritionist gets a list of what you need to eat and what to avoid. 
2. You search online and find out what is good and bad for you according to your condition. 
3. You learn by trial and error what improves your condition. This learning process takes more time than is necessary.

The last two options are time-consuming and create uncertainty.

Completing your Atuvera profile will generate an automated list of food you need to increase, avoid and reduce.


What to eat
According to your recommendations

You got your suggestions, and now what?

You need to continue searching for meals that contain what you need and don't contain what you need to avoid.


Atuvera automatically generates a personalized meal plan that suits your specific needs. 
You have the option to swap recipes to find satisfaction.

What to cook

If you cook, you need to continue searching for recipes that contain what you need and don't contain what you need to avoid.

Atuvera provides the recipes in the meal plan and includes the shopping list to make the cooking process more straightforward.

What Ready-to-eat meal kit to get

 you need to search for the ingredients contained in the menu offered.

After comparing the options you have to select the one that you think may be the best.

If you want to get ready-to-eat meal kits, Atuvera searches for you and creates a meal plan based on the meals the provider has available. You can subscribe through Atuvera.

If you want to order from a restaurant, Atuvera searches for a place nearby your location that sells meals you can eat. You may order through Atuvera.

Where to eat

 If you and your team don't receive adequate training, the adoption of technology is erratic. This situation leads to a low percentage of usage, thus a high abandonment rate, and losing the effort and resources invested in the project.

Your customer success manager monitors your team's learning, allowing for a high rate of the software's usage, making the technology implemented more efficiently, and ultimately generating an optimal return on investment.

Doing it Alone





You won't be alone

If  you will doing it by yourself, you will feel alone, you don't have anybody to share your difficulties, your anxieties  and cravings.

Atuvera community will accompany you in your journey, you can share your thoughts, your uncertainties, your goals, your challenges ,and your success.

You will have more possibilities to follow your nutrition recommendations and live longer and better.

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