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Chicken and Vegetables
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Follow a nutrition plan,
without planning any meal

Atuvera's nutrition engine continuously provides personalized meal options that meet unique nutritional requirements, at any time of day and within a specific search radius. Eliminating the need to constantly check ingredients, research recipes, or search for "safe" meal options.


Improve employees' health and well-being.
Physical and mental health are affected by the food employees consume.

Optimize performance and productivity

Employees' energy level during the day depends on the amount and quality of nutrients consumed.

Save money on health insurance policies.
Companies that implement nutrition programs reduce their employees' risk of chronic diseases

Valued perks and tangible employee benefits.
Improve recruitment and retention of employees
Have actionable data
Track the program in real-time

Health Care 

Motivate adoption and adherence to nutritional plans
Provide personalized nutrition plans and easy-to-get meals that users love.

Run an efficient program
Automate the design, generation, and delivery of nutritional recommendations.

Have actionable data
Track the program in real-time and make decisions based on data.

Reduce the cost of care per user
Reduce the number of people with chronic diseases.


Improve your health

Patients with chronic diseases evolve better by accompanying medical treatment with a tailored nutritional plan.


Easy-to-follow meal plan 

Everything you need to adopt and stick to your nutritional plan

Know what to eat, what to cook, and where to get

Get personalized nutritional recommendations and meal plans.

Get delicious recipes you can eat.

Find restaurants,  local chefs who can cook for you, and meal kits.

Community support

You won´t be Alone. People like you will be by your side to help you follow your plan.

Track your progress

Make decisions based on real-time data. Your health is on your hands.


Join thousands of happy users!

Maritza May

I feel better after I start eating the foods I need

George Mallon

I don´t have time to cook, but Atuvera helped me to find a local chef that does it for me. The food is amazing

Samanta Green

I love the flexibility I have . I have many options to choose from


Meal plans are designed for people with special nutritional requirements.

Designed by Physicians and Nutritionists

Actionable real time data

Food as medicine

Based on Science

Powerful Data


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Do calories make you crazy? Me too
Do you understand food labels? 
The diet that killed part of my family

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